5 tips for planning a destination engagement party 

A wedding table outdoors

Getting married has to be one of the best feelings in the world. The moment that you and your partner get engaged, the first thing that comes to your mind is how you’ll plan the big day. But before you get there, there are plenty of things you need to host to make things extra special, and this includes an engagement party. 

An engagement party celebrates the couple’s intention to get married. While it’s a great time to see the soon-to-be bride’s engagement ring, like from Dracakis or other similar brands, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about the couple and create a stronger bond. 

While one can simply host a party in any part of the city, having a destination engagement party would surely make the day extra special. If you’re leaning towards having a destination engagement party, listed below are some tips to help your planning:

  1. Choose your destination 

Since you’re hosting a destination engagement party, it’ll only be logical if you decide on the destination first. 

Imagine a place where you’d like to have fun, bond with your family and friends, and allow everyone to be comfortable. It could be going to the beach or out of the country to explore greater adventures with the special people in your life. It’ll be a great way to celebrate your engagement, just have fun, and allow the newly-engaged feeling to float all over the room. 

Furthermore, you should also check the capacity of the place you’re planning to host and see if they can accommodate your number of guests. Aside from that, check the facilities and services offered by the venue or establishment. For example, ask the property manager if they have chairs, tables, and linens you can use, kitchen facilities, and a setup/cleanup crew.  

Additionally, consider the layout of the venue to determine what types of activities you can include and what amenities and services you will require. At any rate, the engagement party provides the perfect opportunity to show off your beautiful engagement ring from Diamondport Jewellers or other bespoke ring designers. 

Lastly, pay attention to the place’s ambiance and accessibility to ensure it’s suitable for your event.  Finally, you should check out some reviews online to see if they can deliver outstanding service for their guests too. By keeping these factors in mind, you can find the ideal destination for your engagement party.

Wedding flowers on table
  1. Decide on the date

After choosing your destination, the next thing you need to do is to decide on when you’ll be hosting your engagement party. Ideally, you should check the weather condition of where you plan on partying to see if it’ll be the perfect time for everyone to have fun. It’d be such a bummer if you went to the party only to be confined indoors because it’s raining cats and dogs outside. 

Ideally, the day should be dry and sunny so you can allow everyone to have fun. You can check the weather forecast for the town you’ll be visiting to see if it’ll be the perfect time to host your engagement party. But if your available dates can’t deliver good weather, then you might need to change your location.  

  1. Make a quick visit first

Before booking a venue for your engagement party, you must ensure that you visit the area first. Even if the website shows amazing photos and reviews, seeing the actual place can still look different as you’re no longer dealing with good camera angles and filters. Moreover, taking a quick visit allows you to see how easy it’ll be for your guests to get in and out of the venue and the things you need to prepare to ensure a fun-filled day for everyone.  

  1. Prioritise your guest’s comfort

Since you’re hosting a destination party, you need to ensure that your guests are fully comfortable with where you’re taking them. This can help to make the day fun for everyone as they no longer have to worry about handling things that can make them feel uneasy.  

If you have an extra budget, it’ll be helpful if you could arrange your guests’ accommodation. Since you’re the one who asks for a destination wedding, you shouldn’t put your guests in an uncomfortable position wherein they need to book their flight and place to stay. Ideally, you should arrange everything for them and let them enjoy your party.  

In addition to arranging your guests’ accommodation, it’d be great if you could provide them with a welcome basket that’ll help to make their stay a lot more fun. This can include all the essentials they need, plus some exciting goodies to make the day exciting. For example, if you’re having a beach engagement party, you might want to provide them with sunglasses, sunblock, a beach towel, and some snacks.  

  1. Research about your vendors

An engagement party wouldn’t be complete without any vendors that could help to complete the day. This can include your food, stylist, and entertainment performances. While some aren’t a necessity, looking for the perfect catering service is extremely important as this is what most of your guests would remember. 

Before booking for any vendor, you need to research their service quality thoroughly. You can even make some test orders to see how they work and communicate with their customers.  


Planning a destination engagement party after the proposal may not be the easiest party to host, but it’ll surely be the best one. As you just got engaged with your partner, you might still be on cloud nine as you cannot wait to spend the rest of your life with your partner. 

To further celebrate the day, having an engagement party would surely be something special and would allow you to get to know everyone better. As you plan for your destination engagement party, you need to be extra careful as you need to ensure everyone’s comfort and enjoyment on the day of the event.