5 tips on healthy eating when you’re super busy


5 Tips on Healthy Eating When You’re Super Busy

With a crazy schedule that is packed with work, school assignments, family, and friends, eating healthy can be a real challenge. You may also tend to abandon working out and sleeping adequately. The net effect of these things is an unhealthy and unfit body, which makes it hard to be effective in everyday activities. This results in you being even busier, and hurting your health more—what a vicious cycle.

So, how can you make sure to eat healthy even when you are super busy?

  1. Opt for a better alternative than take-out

You can easily dial your local pizza place when you cannot shop or cook, as it is the most convenient option. However, have you ever considered that for the same price as take-out, you could have a nutritious or healthier meal brought to your door? Some companies will deliver ingredients and recipes to your house so that you can whip up fresh and nutrient-packed food within a short amount of time. Also, other companies deliver ready and delicious foods, such as flame-grilled veggies or jambalaya chicken.

Though, if you’re craving pizza, you can try buying your own own pizza oven. Cooking pizza using your own pizza oven means you have complete control over what ingredients you choose.

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2. Master bulk cooking

If you want to eat healthy when you’re super busy, you should strive to perfect the art of cooking more within a short time period. You can make the most of the time that you have the opportunity to cook to make double or triple the required serving. For example, if you are  going to prepare a dozen meat balls in the oven, you can instead do 24 or 36. Also, instead of sautéing a pound of beef, go ahead and sauté two or three pounds. You should then keep the extra food in the fridge or freezer for those days when you barely have any free time.

3. Stash healthy snacks

Are you short on time and running out of food? Well, some non-perishable snacks will be your best bet for a perfect back-up and to ensure you eat healthy. So that you never run out of your snack supply, ensure you prioritize shopping for more before the previous stock is empty.

Also, have a stash at home, at the workplace, and even in your traveling bag. Some healthy, convenient, and fast snacks include fruits and nut bars, dried fruits (like mango, raisins, cherries), raw nuts and seed mixes, and packs of almond butter or coconut butter.

4. Make the freezer your friend

When thinking of eating healthy when you’re super busy, the freezer is a valuable tool. While eating fresh foods is crucial, the secret when you are busy is to balance fresh and frozen foods. The freezer comes in handy to stock all sorts of meats and different dairy products. Also, it is critical to keep bags of fruits and vegetables that are frozen. You should shop for these foods in bulk and stock them in your freezer for those days when you are extremely busy or when you have exhausted the fresh supplies. Furthermore, you can use your freezer to pile pre-cooked meals, like meat balls and other foods that you can make in large amounts. Also, you can use it to store seasonal foods like fruits.

5. Experiment with one-pot wonders

Are you discouraged from cooking for fear of dirtying more than one pot or dish? The perfect solution for you is to consider one-pot wonders, as you put all your food items into one pot and have them cook together. For example, a one-pot pasta recipe is something you can try. Also, you can put all your ingredients into a crockpot and let them cook slowly while you’re at work or attending to other duties, which could work well for you. This way, you get a healthy meal and save time, too.