5 simple ways to increase your brand recognition

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In today’s highly competitive marketplace, building brand awareness should be one of your top priorities. Think about it from your own perspective – when you’re searching for a product or service, aren’t you more likely to choose a brand that you recognise over an unknown competitor? Establishing a cohesive brand image will make customers more likely choose you every time because you’ve made yourself known to them. This sets you apart from the sea of other companies that are all fighting for that same precious consumer dollar. Here, we look at five easy ways to increase brand awareness that you can start implementing today:

Invest in promotional products

Getting branded promotional products made up for your business is a tried and true method for boosting brand awareness. When people have a useful product with your branding on it, such as a USB drive, pen, electrical item or mug, it’s more likely that your company will remain at the forefront of their mind (and those who see them using the product!). You can give out promotional products to your clients when you meet with them, or offer an item as a free gift with a purchase from your online store.

Partner up with influencers

When people see someone they know and trust endorsing your product on social media, they’re more likely to place trust in your brand. According to research, influencer marketing offers a return on investment that’s eleven times higher than traditional forms of marketing such as TV, print and desktop ads. With more and more companies incorporating influencer marketing into their strategies, this medium is fast becoming a popular and successful tool to boost brand recognition and drive sales.

Build a PPC strategy

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a highly effective form of advertising where you pay for an ad to appear on a search engine listings page or relevant website. The reason PPC is so compelling is that you’re targeting consumers who are already searching for your products based on specific keywords, meaning that they’re ready to buy. Plus, even if they don’t click on your ad, seeing your name at the top of their Google search results will leave an impression on them and assist in increasing your brand awareness for the next time they’re hunting down your product.

Get social

Having a robust online presence is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Most people today find products and services through online channels. If your potential consumers see you have an active social media presence, they’re more likely to follow your brand and stay up-to-date on your latest offers. As well as being the best way of establishing meaningful relationships with your customers, social media’s also incredibly useful for analysing who’s interacting with your content so that you can continue refining your target market and connecting with website visitors who were about to make a purchase or inquiry in a very natural way.

Referral programs

When you offer a perk to your customers in exchange for their referral of a friend, your advertising is essentially paying for itself! For example; Evernote employs a fantastic referral program where the referrer earns ten points for each of their first three referrals: enough points for three free months of Evernote Premium. To sweeten the deal for the referrer, they also get a free month to try out Evernote Premium.

Building brand recognition is a long-term commitment, but the benefits it offers to your business are massive. With these five tips in mind, you can be on your way to creating a powerful marketing strategy that’ll have customers choosing you over your competitors in no time.

With more and more companies incorporating influencer marketing into their strategies, this medium is fast becoming a popular and successful tool to boost brand recognition and drive sales. Click here if you want to learn more about influencer marketing platforms that can help you find the perfect match for your brand.