5 rapid-fire tips to make your bedroom work for you – for sex

Person feet bed

Now that government guidance is essentially ‘do your worst’, the time’s come to go nuts. And empty yours, if the occasion calls for it.

Koala – the mattress people, and Alexandra Owen, their product design manager – have whipped together 5 quick tips to help you sleep like a grown up. And a lot of it’s stuff you should be doing already.

Or just someone befitting thier age bracket.

Here are the tips…

1. Talk dirty, but keep your pillows clean. Odds are, you’ve been doing it wrong.

2. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about the style of your bedsheets. Or should you?

3. You spend seven to nine hours a day with your mattress. Pick a good one. Sleeping with your partner can be a pain in the neck, but your mattress shouldn’t be.

4. You’re not a Rockstar. Get your mattress off the floor. A bed base should be your biggest fan.

5. Team flat sheet vs. Team fitted sheet. You don’t always need both but you sure as hell need one of them.