5 Proven Ways to Squeeze More Life Out of Your Smartphone Battery

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According to Statista, the world is home to 6.92 billion smartphone owners. This number accounts for a staggering 86% of the total population. These technological devices make it easy for people to connect remotely with their friends and family. Smartphones have also become convenient devices for gaming, photography, browsing the internet, etc. 

But as good as they come, these devices might suck out the battery juice pretty quickly, especially with heavy use. Thankfully, there is always something you can do to ensure you’re never offline when someone calls or emails you. In this listicle, you’ll find tips to extend your phone’s battery life and enjoy more online time. 

Tip #1. Buy a Phone with Long-Lasting Battery

This should be your starting point if you don’t want to recharge your phone multiple times daily. When choosing a smartphone, it’s vital to consider the battery capacity, with a bigger battery offering more extended use. Anything over 4,500mAh should be an excellent choice if you’re a heavy user. 

Tip #2. Enable Power-Saving Mode

Even the biggest smartphone battery will quickly deplete with heavy or constant use. So, if you’re stuck in a situation where you want your phone’s battery life to last longer, enable the power-saving feature. This will automatically turn off features that will eat into your precious battery life, including some background apps and browser tabs. 

Enabling this feature on your device should be relatively easy. On most Android phones, open the control panel, then tap the Power Saving Mode button. You can also find this feature under Settings. If you’re an iPhone user, click Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. 

Tip #3. Turn Off Power Hungry Apps

Some applications are generally more power-hungry than others on your device. No matter the size of your battery, these apps can quickly drain your juice because they demand more system resources. For example, playing 3D slots or live dealer games in online casinos will require your device to produce lots of computing power. 

Always close down an app you’re not using to extend your phone’s battery life. The same extends to active browser tabs. In addition, you might want to disable the live or dynamic wallpaper, which requires lots of battery power to produce the animations. And, of course, avoid multitasking, such as listening to music and browsing the internet. 

Tip #4. Reduce Screen Brightness

You might not know it, but the display panel is one of the main battery suckers on your smartphone or tablet. Ideally, premium smartphones come with sharper and brighter displays, translating into more battery use. Although there is very little you can do, it’s often advisable to lower the brightness of your screen. 

Tip #5. Disable Wi-Fi, Data, and Bluetooth

Another mistake we often make is leaving Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or data services on even when not using them. Realistically speaking, you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection while driving or sleeping. Also, there is no point in enabling both Wi-Fi and data services when you can conveniently use one.  


With these tips, you can get the most out of your smartphone and tablet battery, regardless of your daily usage. But we want to remind you that it all begins with choosing a phone with the ideal battery capacity and hours. Also, the best way to extend your device’s battery life is to plug it into a power source whenever you get the slightest opportunity. And yes, use the Dark Mode more often. We hope these tips help!

Feature image: Unsplash