5 must haves: travel with a baby

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Have you ever travelled with a baby? If you’re toying with the idea of taking your little one on vacation or leaving them with the grandparents, we’re here to tell you that you absolutely can travel with a baby and it can even be enjoyable. It’s not the same as travel pre-baby (of course), but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Our advice? Be patient, flexible and don’t overload your itinerary! You’re not going to be able to go zipping around all day from 9-5 like you used to, but you can enjoy at least one or two activities a day with time scheduled in for resting back at your hotel before you go again.

Here are our 5 must-haves that will help make travel with a baby that little bit easier, comfier and rewarding.

1.   Baby carrier

Baby carrier

If you’re travelling alone, ditch the pram and get yourself a baby carrier. Likewise if you’re going to be traversing over cobblestones, you’ll thank yourself for investing in one of these. All you need to do is strap baby onto your body and away you go!  We love the Ergo Baby Carrier as they are ergonomically designed to protect your back and keep your little one safe and comfy. The Omni Breeze Baby Carrier option from this brand is ideal as it’s suitable for newborns up until toddlers, so you’ll get your money’s worth too. Another plus is it’s ranked the ultimate in breathability thanks to being crafted from lightweight SoftFlex Mesh fabric. This is great for travelling as you’ll stay cool and dry while out sight-seeing.

2.   Travel cot

Baby crib

Babies like routine and familiarity, so creating a comfortable, familiar space for your little one when travelling can really help them to adjust to a new environment. It’s a great idea to pack a travel cot with you when travelling so you can be sure your baby is still sleeping in a safe and supportive bed when away from home. Look for something lightweight yet sturdy, and easy to set up. We love the the Baby Bjorn Portable Travel Cot for this very reason. You can set it up with just one move and it comes with a soft, sturdy mattress crafted from airy mesh fabric allowing for breathability.

3.   Blackout blinds

Baby black out blind

Simple, yet highly effective we can’t rave about blackout blinds enough for helping get baby to sleep no matter the time of day. If you’re staying in a hotel or accommodation where you’re a bit unsure of the quality of their curtains, throw these in your bag. They’re easy to put up thanks to the velcro straps and will help keep your baby in a good sleep routine.

4.   Nappy Wallet 

Baby wrap thing

We’re sure we don’t need to remind you that a dirty nappy can strike within a moment’s notice! Another absolute must when travelling or just stepping out of the house is a nappy wallet. They fold up like a little clutch and then roll out into a clean, comfortable piece of material to comfortably change your little one’s nappy. They’re fitted with pockets so just remember to pop some wipes, nappies, nappy rash cream and hand sanitiser inside before heading out.

5.   Swim Nappies

Baby nappy

This one is dependent if you’re travelling in winter or summer and whether you’re ready to brave baby’s first swim. If you’re headed to a summer getaway or resort, then you must absolutely pack some swim nappies. Try these gorgeous swim nappies from Baby Beehinds if you’re looking for a functional and eco-friendly option. They have a secure fit to keep everything in check and are reusable so a great option to cut down on waste at the same time.

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