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5 best tips for learning a new foreign language fast and effectively

The modern world interconnects extensively through efficient and faster means of transport and internet connectivity. People are constantly interacting either directly or online, searching for information, knowledge, and relationships.

 It’s, therefore, necessary to equip yourself with more languages beyond your native language. Being multilingual is likely to give you a more competitive advantage over the mono-linguistic. Learning a new language is no magic, but you can employ some proven skills to keep you learning and help you learn faster.

  1. Focus on Your Motivation

To successfully learn a new language, focus on the main reason you want to know the new language. Focusing on your ultimate goal keeps you motivated to the end. The motivation should go beyond speaking in the language. There should be a practical way you are benefitting from the language. Without a valuable benefit from your new language, your motivation may melt away.

  1. Make Use of Online Classes to Learn Basic Grammar and Common Words

Whether free or paid for online courses is a quick and good start to learn a foreign language. Online Private language classes will give you a head start and confidence before starting practical communication with other people. However, do not take too long to get out and communicate with other people. You can quickly learn how to say thank you or goodbye from online lessons and then practice them with the people around you.

  1. Set Your Learning Goals

Learning a foreign language requires you to set goals that are easily achievable and measurable. Specific and straightforward goals will help you measure your achievements within a short period. You can set out to learn how to request a meal from a hotel in a foreign language by the end of the day. You can also target to lean, say, five common words daily. The target will help you grow in the language and learn faster.

You can make a list of the most common words from your language and target to cover a certain number daily. Learning a new term should entail knowing the meaning and applying it effectively in your communication.

  1. Make More Live Conversation

The best way to acquire a language is through communicating with other people. Live communication helps you become more creative in sentence construction and assists your body language merge with your new language. With time and frequent live communication, you will be more comfortable with the language.

However, do not focus much on the mistakes you make as you develop in the language. With time, you will acquire the language and no need to remember everything to communicate.

  1. Get A Pocket Dictionary and Practice Quietly

A pocket dictionary is easily portable; hence you can refer at your appropriate time without delays. Your modern pocket dictionary could be an app on your phone, making it easier to look up a word.

You can use the words you learn from your online dictionary to construct self-to-self conversations. Personal conversations help you practice alone and become more effective when you meet someone to help you sharpen your skills.


Communicating in a foreign language is fulfilling and is likely to earn you extra income. However, learning a foreign language is not magical; you need to put some effort and employ some tips to help you learn faster to the end. Use the online resources, whether gratis or paid for, and people around you who can use the language. Remember, the only magic in learning a foreign language is more of person-person conversation.

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