4 security tricks using your smartphone

An iPhone with a padlock over it

Want to protect your home or your business from thieves and fraudsters? There are plenty of ways in which you can use your smartphone in order to provide extra security thanks to the power of apps. Here are just a few ways of securing yourself using your mobile phone.

Use your phone to run identity checks

If you own a business, it’s important that you do identity checks to avoid working with the wrong kinds of people. This is something you can do with your phone. If you need to check that someone’s documentation is valid, you can explore options such as document verification from Netverify. Technology such as facial recognition can meanwhile compare someone to their photo ID to help determine whether they really who they say they are.

Use your phone to lock your door

It’s possible to also use your phone to lock and unlock the doors to your home rather than using a key. Smart locks such as the Schlage Sense could offer more security against burglars. Because these doors are locked/unlocked remotely, it also makes securing your home more convenient – you don’t have to check every door or window is bolted. Shop around for smart locks to find one compatible with your phone that meets all your needs.  

Use your phone to track your valuables

When it comes to keeping your valuables safe, it’s also possible to use your phone. Devices such as the Phone Halo StickR TrackR can be attached to valuables such as keys, bags and your car allowing you to then track these items via your phone’s GPS. Not only could this help you to recover items that were stolen – it could also help to recover items that you accidentally lost yourself. There are a number of brands out there offering these trackers – make sure to choose one with positive reviews that’s within your budget.

Use your phone to let others track you

There are times when you may want to allow friends or family to track your location. You could be walking back home from work late at night and you may want a partner or parents to be able to track you to ensure that you don’t get into any harm on the journey. Life 360’s Family Locator is just one app that can allow you to track you and your family member’s location via your mobiles. The app could also have the dual purpose of allowing you to more easily find your phone if you happen to lose it.

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