4 safest countries to travel to in 2022

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Since we’re still in the pandemic, staying at home, watching Netflix, or entering a CasinoChan login Australia and playing there will be the safest option. However, what if you want to go on a journey? Then, these 4 countries are where you’ll feel completely safe in 2022.   


The country is completely safe for tourists because there is almost no crime, and the population is friendly and welcoming. Business is booming here, there is no unemployment, and the growing labor shortage is filled by people from South Asia and the European region. 

There is no homelessness in the country, no taxes for individuals, and citizens are entitled to free medical care. Young people who have graduated from school with enough points can study for free in higher education institutions abroad. The only condition is that after graduation they must return to the country and work in their profession for several years.

Oman is one of the cleanest countries in the world, the environment is maintained at the highest level, and the residents are careful and attentive to historical monuments and natural treasures.


Iceland is an island country in the North Atlantic. Recently, it has become an increasingly attractive tourist destination. And it attracts not only for its spectacular scenery. It’s the cleanest country in the world. Drinking water in Iceland is of such high quality that it does not require any pretreatment and ends up in your kitchen taps without any treatment. There are no polluting industries here. Even in homes, hot water and steam are supplied directly from natural sources. And you don’t need to burn anything to get the heat.

And Iceland also has a record life expectancy, low susceptibility of locals to various diseases, including cancer. There is virtually no class divide in the country, no poor people, and unemployment is very low. Disasters and natural disasters rarely occur in Iceland, the crime rate in the country is low, and the probability of terrorist attacks is practically zero.


The UAE is a magical country, with an interesting history and incredible reality. There is a huge concentration of wealth, which is distributed unevenly among the citizens, but does not force some to be poor and others to bathe in gold. The UAE has the highest standard of living. Citizens of the country do not pay taxes, if they are in the service, they get a decent remuneration, as well as various benefits and gifts from the state.

There is a stable economic and political situation, there is no military confrontation, the risks of terrorist threat are minimized, and the crime rate is very low. Tourists can feel completely safe in this country. But this does not mean that they must be careless. Tourists can be fined quite a large amount for crossing the road in the wrong place, for throwing trash past the trashcan or for drinking alcohol on the street. Also, indecent behavior (kissing in a public place, transparent clothes on women, rude gestures and much more) can be a reason for problems with the police. And for drugs there is a special article. Their use can lead to a long prison sentence, and distribution is punishable by death. Even medicines containing narcotic substances can cause problems.


Finland is famous for the abundance of lakes with clear water and beautiful beaches. In winter, you can enjoy a unique spectacle – the northern lights. When visiting Finland, it is impossible to pass by the sauna – the national Finnish bath.

In this country, great attention is paid to the preservation of nature. Finnish forests and greenery are protected by law and constitute national heritage. In the last two decades, the economy of the country has changed completely. Whereas earlier the emphasis was mainly on timber export, today Finland has become a high-tech power, where rapid economic growth is accompanied by high wages.