3 things you did not know about custom stickers

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Logo stickers, playful stickers, sticker books. We all know stickers. But do we know all about stickers?

Especially if you want to see them for what they really are, powerhouse marketing tools, there may be some features of custom stickers you have not been aware of yet.

We have collected three things you probably did not know about custom sticker printing and how you can use them in effective ways.

1. They are unique

Stickers might seem like an everyday item. But make them custom, and they turn into absolute game-changers. Custom stickers are a unique branding solution that can be adapted to any purpose.

Whether you want to promote a brand, event or product, custom stickers provide a unique and versatile way to do so. You can decide upon every aspect of your sticker, from the design to the material and the shape.

You can create a stunning custom die cut sticker without exceeding your budget. After all, stickers are very affordable and yet unique, meaning you are bound to stand out.

2. You can use them as photo stickers

One way to make your custom stickers even more special is to use them as photo stickers. This is a great way to commemorate a special event or promote your brand in a fun and unique way.

Instead of creating artwork, you just upload a high-quality image and have that printed onto your chosen material. We find that custom paper stickers work best as they make the perfect base for vibrant colours.

There are no limits to your creativity. You can design photo stickers as a lovely birthday gift for a pet lover, a funny add-on to a hen or stag do, a way to commemorate a wedding, or even spice up your branding.

3. They are perceived as gifts

Now, this is one very few people know – and it is also what makes custom sticker printing so powerful. They adhere to the so-called rule of reciprocity, a psychological concept often used in marketing.

Free stickers are seen as gifts, not advertising tools. So when you hand them out, consumers feel like you have given them a gift. This makes them feel grateful and indebted to you.

Now, this means that through this feeling, they are more likely to buy from your business or leave a positive review because they want to return the favour. Pretty cool right?

You see, custom stickers are a versatile and powerful marketing tool. And if you keep these three unusual but effective uses in mind the next time you need to promote your brand or event. Let us know your favourite ways to use custom stickers in the comments.