3 crucial considerations before extending your property

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Extending a property is often the best of both worlds in terms of finding new space to live in, and increasing the value of where you live. Sometimes, you want to move into a new space as your family is growing or you wish to live somewhere with a little more room to play with, only to realize that you’re perfectly content in the area which you live. 

That’s okay, because extending your home can often make the space feel entirely new, and you have the benefit of making sure this home is designed to your standards as appropriate. Sure, there are certainly some limitations such as budget and the land you have to work with, but overall, families that extend their properties gain plenty of value from the effort, and learn vital lessons when it comes to property development.

That said, like any big life investment, this is hardly something you want to jump into without proper planning. In this post, then, we’ll discuss three crucial considerations to make before extending your property:

Local housing legislation

It’s good to consider the local housing legislation that you may wish to keep in mind before extending or even applying for the extension of a property. For instance, in some areas, new builds are limited so as to preserve the idyllic nature of a given place – which is most usually assigned to rural areas. It might be that in order to extend your property you need to leave a natural buffer between the road and your home – this is often the case in suburban areas. The more you can understand your local housing legislation, the better your plans will be.

Essential utility management

It’s always good to consider the essential utility management you have to keep up with in order to deconstruct and reconstruct parts of your household with difficulty. Using an emergency electrician can be worth their weight in gold here, but keeping electricians around to help advice you as to how to rewire parts of the house, or rather what it would take for them to do so and how long that project could last, will give you a great measure to fall back on when you really need it.

Neighbourhood care

Of course, it might be that you’re happy with your potential renovation or extension, but you need to have your neighbours understand your plans first, especially if this construction may take a little time to achieve. Often, housing authorities will make you display a sign of your intent to utilize construction services, and this will give neighbours the time to ask questions or voice concerns. If you’re affable with them, however, for the most part they will accept these efforts, as better houses nearby can potentially raise their own housing value, as well as allowing you to return the favour should they want to extend their own property.

With that in mind, you’re sure to keep up the crucial considerations before extending your property. Such an approach can mean the world of good for your planning experience, and the value of your home.