2 Ridley Scott films everyone should see

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A new film by legendary British director Ridley Scott “Napoleon” with Joaquin Phoenix in the title role – was recently released.

“He came from nowhere. He conquered everything” – the slogan of the film, very accurately describing its plot. The film reveals the story of Bonaparte’s rise from common soldier to French King, and the story of his fall to lonely exile on a remote island. Epic battles and court intrigues, romantic relationship with Josephine and deep psychological analysis of the great commander’s personality: we will tell you why you should go to see this film.

By the way, this topic is relevant again today. Firstly, Ridley Scott’s films are never monotonous and predictable. He can make a film about australian casino online real money and still make the plot interesting and multi-layered. The excitement lives in the style of the master himself, who loves to experiment and delve into the characters. Secondly, the attention to the persona of Napoleon is again huge. And this film by Ridley Scott offers a look at the life of this historical figure from a different angle.

The new trend of biographical cinema

It is interesting to note one modern trend gaining momentum in world cinema, and also present in this film – the view of an outstanding man through the prism of his woman. Priscilla, where Sofia Coppola shows an unusual side of the king of rock’n’roll Elvis, the future Maestro Bradley Cooper, where Leonard Bernstein is shown not only as a talented composer, but also as a family man. And finally Napoleon, with his painful and in his own way romantic relationship with Josephine.


This is an epic almost three-hour film about the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, from the moment of his rise to the moment of his fall. The director wanted not just to show the well-known biographical facts, but to look at the great commander with modern eyes, to analyze his personality and assess the legacy he left behind. That is why various historical errors and inaccuracies, for which Scott was so criticised by journalists, do not have any decisive significance for the picture. Sir Ridley Scott is an outstanding English director and producer, who created in a variety of genres and everywhere his films became new standards of quality.

The cast

The main role was played by the incredible and Oscar-winning Joaquin Phoenix, who managed to demonstrate new facets of his acting talent. For Joaquin this is not the first role of a monarch in a historical film by Ridley Scott – in the legendary “Gladiator” he already played the Roman Emperor Komodo, who killed his father for the sake of power. Also of special note is the passionate and sensual performance of Vanessa Kirby, who created a rather vivid and voluminous image of Josephine, the main woman in Napoleon’s life.

Napoleon’s image

A man who bloodily suppressed the royalist rebellion in order to become king himself. A man who needed love and refused it himself. A man who killed nearly 3 million soldiers in his battles. A man who wanted greatness and died in exile. The image of Napoleon combines dozens of different dictators and conquerors who throughout history, while talking about peace, started new wars to satisfy their ambitions, but in the end we’re left with nothing.

A fresh take on a historical figure

We’re used to seeing films that revel in prominent characters of this magnitude, but the author decided to take a slightly different route. Yes, we see Napoleon as a brilliant military strategist, an expressive politician and even as a man in love. However, at the same time, we see his rude and intemperate nature, his insecurity and intolerance, his impulsiveness and emotionality, his ambition, his selfishness and how for their sake he is willing to betray the ideals he defended and the wife he loved.


The fascinating epicness of the big battle episodes (Austerlitz, Borodino and Waterloo are all here) and the striking luxury of the peaceful ones. Exquisite costumes, fine jewelry, aesthetic scenery, successfully staged scenes, as if bringing to life the most famous paintings on which artists of different eras depicted the Corsican commander. An up-to-date look at historical events, talented acting and skilful direction by a living classic of world cinema – it is definitely worth watching.
Why you should watch the film “Exodus: Kings and Gods”

Another Ridley Scott film with cool computer graphics and a full set of special effects, alas, did not surpass his famous “Gladiator”.

The budget of “Exodus” cost customers 140 million dollars. For this amount of money, the creators of the film and Ridley Scott turned around from the bottom of their hearts and tried to surprise fans of popcorn and spectacle. Partially they succeeded.

The film is oversaturated with episodes in the style of “oh” and “ah”! The film will surely appeal to young viewers: fantastically real architecture of Ancient Egypt, heartbreaking scenes from the life of poor Jews, and for dessert: 10 Egyptian executions with the addition of religious pepper. All of this nicely complements the dietary menu of this biblical action film.

“Exodus” should be seen on the big screen of a cinema. At home, one is unlikely to enjoy the computer-generated marvels. Dariusz Wolski’s camerawork is, as always, top-notch. The marriage of man and computer has given birth to a miracle: the soundtrack is expressive and evokes a deep emotional awe.

The episode with the Red Sea opening like a gate is impressive. Mass flights of frogs and locusts are shocking. Crocodiles, greedily tearing human flesh and other highlights in the style of “action” look very convincing. Spectacle of the film – on 5 points.

Not too impressed by the treatment of biblical scenes. We can argue about it for a long time, but Ridley Scott has the right to say: “I see it this way!”, and he can’t be forbidden. Because Scott is a creator, and has the right to choose what is better for the film: the credibility of the Old Testament scenes or stunning effects for box office.

The cast was a pleasure to watch: Christian Bale, who looks absolutely nothing like Moses, as well as Joel Edgerton, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley and other stars and starlets. Some of them are strikingly silent and don’t look much like Middle Easterners. There is an opinion that they were invited to the film because of their star image.

The plot is quite consistent with the biblical scenario. Moses and Ramses, are friends since childhood, but gradually stop understanding each other. Moses, who has learnt about his Jewish origin, tries to free his tribesmen languishing in Egyptian captivity. But the captives are not released by the evil Pharaoh. The Creator Himself comes to Moses’ aid in the form of a boy. The Egyptians are punished by the heavenly forces….

The general idea of this religious action film can be expressed by a popular spiritual in the performance of Louis Armstrong: “Moses, Moses years May Peeple Go!”.

The film is worth seeing because of the impressive visual effects. It deserves it.

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