12 tips for better home security

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There’s no time like the present to improve your home security. Burglary rates are unfortunately on the rise across Australia, according to a 2019 study a home robbery occurs approximately every three minutes in Australia. It’s important to ensure you protect your home, precious possessions and loved ones in any way you can. There are many small changes you can make to ensure your home isn’t targeted by thieves. For more information, make sure to check out yourcalvert.com

An unprotected, unsecured house is an easy target for burglars. It’s impossible to make your home completely thief-proof, but there are some simple changes you can make to be sure that your home isn’t an attractive target for thieves. Start by trying to identify any areas of potential risk or weakness to be improved and address these once you are able to do so. Use common sense and make sure your doors and windows are locked, carelessness can make it all too easy for a thief to break in.

  1. Install a quality security door

The best way to defend your property against burglars is to make your property more difficult for a robber to break into. Studies have shown that in approximately 30% of robberies, the burglar enters through the front door so it makes sense that your first line of defence against being the victim of a robbery is to install a security door that will deter thieves.

When purchasing a security door it is important to choose a product that has been made in compliance with Australian Standards guidelines. This ensures the security door has been rigorously tested to assess its structural integrity, durability and strength. Security doors are available in many different designs to meet your needs as well as complimenting your home aesthetic. Additional features include one-way privacy mesh and triple locking systems to further secure your home. Not sure which door to consider purchasing? Visit a reliable provider such as Jim’s Security Doors and speak to an expert. Call now and get a quote for security doors in Melbourne. Jim’s security doors provide quality material and service

  • Keep your valuables out of sight

Burglars know that a successful robbery is often quick and quiet. Keeping your valuables out of view can prevent your home from becoming a target. If it doesn’t look like you have a lot of easily grabbable valuables a robber might pass your home by and choose a more exposed property. Place expensive items out of the view of anyone at your front door or through easy-to-see-into windows.

  • Don’t hide your spare key under your doormat

A 2019 study conducted by Canstar found that approximately 22% of people hide a spare key on their property. This included 4% who hide their key in a fake rock and 1% who simply leave their key under the front doormat.

Hiding your key under your front doormat is akin to leaving your front door open and leaves your property exposed to burglary. Even worse, this practice can mean that in the event of a robbery you may have voided your insurance policy.

Another tip is to ensure you change the locks when you move into a new property and keep track of your house keys so that you know exactly who has access to your home. Try to avoid forgetting about the key that you have hidden or left under the mat for the contractor or friend. Avoid giving a house key to anyone that you don’t fully trust.

  • Don’t make it obvious that you’re not at home

An obviously unoccupied home is another easy target for thieves. Don’t shout to your family about your holiday plans while you noisily pack your bags into your car outside your home. Always arrange for friends or neighbours to collect your mail and water any plants in your front yard or mow your lawn if you’re going away for an extended period of time. Arrange neighbour to park their car in your driveway or, if you’re not friendly with your neighbours, consider leaving a few lights on or washing on the clothesline to make potential thieves think someone is home.

It’s also worth remembering that revealing details about your holiday on social media can attract the attention of thieves, so be sensible about who you share information with.

5.     Ensure your windows are locked and consider installing security screens or grilles

While doors are the most common entry point for thieves, the next point for entry that could leave your home exposed is your windows. Windows can be a quick easy access option for thieves, either through breaking the glass or jimmying open sliding windows. Installing security screens on windows is an effective way to discourage thieves from attempting a break-in. Click here to learn more about installing security screens and grilles.

6. Don’t forget to secure your rear doors and windows

While the most common point of access during a robbery is your front door, it is still important to secure your doors and windows to the rear of your property, especially if there is easy access to your backyard. Make sure that rear doors and windows are closed and locked during the night and when you go out and consider installing a rear security door and security screens on any accessible windows.

7. Consider installing lighting in your yard

Thieves generally place an emphasis on being fast and discreet. Any risk of exposure or drawing attention is likely to deter a burglar from committing a break in. Lighting is an easy way to make your property less attractive to thieves, vandals or prowlers as it restricts the burglar’s ability to go unseen. Outdoor lights can be used to illuminate any vulnerable areas in your front yard and can operate on a timer, sensor or motion-activated system for a more sophisticated approach.

8. Make an inventory of your valuables

It’s worth making a comprehensive list of your valuables to help you claim compensation if you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of a robbery. Include on your list any expensive possessions, and if possible, include purchase dates, prices or receipts, take photos of videos as proof and get valuations if you own antiques, collectibles or jewellery.

9. Consider installing a safe

Small, fire-resistant safes are cheap and easy to install by bolting to your floor. Professional safecrackers can open them, but burglars usually can’t and would be deterred by the potential noise, effort and time it would take to break into the safe. Safes are a great option for securely storing smaller items such as jewellery and important documents like passports and birth certificates.

10. Install a security system … or a fake one

A home security system with video monitoring cameras and an alarm is another solution for deterring robbers. It’s important to note that these systems don’t do anything to physically prevent a thief breaking into your property, so they are best partnered with a quality security door. If a security system is beyond your technical capabilities or simply too expensive, consider putting up a dummy camera or even a sticker announcing the presence of a video monitoring system or prowler alarm to make a burglar think twice about targeting your property.

11. Work with your neighbours to protect the homes in your street

Get to know your neighbours! Neighbours are a wonderful way to make your home is safe when you’re out. If you’re going on holiday, neighbours can help by collecting mail, putting bins out and watering your garden to make it look like you’re still home. Neighbourhood watch groups are also a great way to be notified if there has been a recent spate of robberies in your area.

12. Don’t forget to secure your garage

The garage is an often-overlooked entry point to your home that is becoming more popular with criminals as an access point. Make sure you always close and lock your garage as well as internal access doors to your house. It’s also worth keeping your garage door opener in the house, rather than in your car where a burglar could use it to access your house.

Most criminals are opportunists so taking steps to secure your home is effective in deterring thieves. Use common sense and make sure you are not tempting burglars by leaving your door open or making it obvious when you are heading out. It’s also important to commit to consistently using any security systems that you have in place. A security door won’t be effective if you leave it wide open! Create a household plan outlining how to respond in case of emergencies and always report any suspicious activity to police.

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