Which is better:  concrete or paved driveways?

Car driveway parked

When you want to renovate or build a driveway, two of the most popular options these days are whether you want concrete, pavement or asphalt. Asphalt may be the cheapest, but it’s also the least favoured in Australia. The two most popular choices are now concrete driveways in Croydon or pavement. 

People often choose pavement as they deem concrete too boring of an option, but nowadays concrete has as many options as pavement, with much less cost and effort, so let’s look at why concrete driveways are so popular. 

Concrete Is Low-maintenance

When you have a paved driveway, you must regularly pull weeds out between the pavers, you probably need to sweep regularly and wash them after any dust settles in them. Concrete has none of this maintenance, all it needs is a wash every now and again, and you’re set. 

Pavers Sink

Pavers will move as time goes on, they sink, shift and move depending on the soil beneath, and although it looks rustic, it’s not a great look, nor is it a comfortable thing to drive over. Concrete, however, doesn’t tend to shift, even if there’s a crack, it isn’t likely to get any bigger and can be easily fixed. 

Concrete Lasts

Concrete is likely to last a lifetime. If you want to reinforce it, there are steel options to place underneath, and you have something that can handle up to 3 tonnes. On the other hand, pavement is not made for wear and tear, it’s more stylish and takes more effort to install and maintain. 

Concrete Has Options

If you want a certain colour or texture, ten years ago, your only choice was pavers. But now even concrete has been made so it can have colour and texture with depth and a vibrant look. Even the colour is long-lasting in the concrete, so you have greater options overall. 

Concrete is Safer

Concrete is made to be non-slip. If it’s raining, or you are older, you may want a safer driveway to walk down. On the other hand, pavers can get slippery fast, and many people slip and fall on driveways in inclement weather.

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