MBFWA Day One – Romance Was Born

Anna Plunket and Luke Sales, the dynamic design duo behind the Romance Was Born name ploughed through the imaginations and shock thresholds of the audience at MBFWA, ushering in again the fact that their label is not for the feint hearted.

The Romance Was Born name has become synonymous over their past few collections with outlandish prints married with wearable and accessible colours and fabrics; making their unique, statement-like and just generally awesome.

Harajuku styling coupled with soft fruity hues of colour and fabrics swathes of tulle, beadwork, sequins and fringing made for a sickeningly feminine display of Australian design in one of the most alluring and exciting ways conceivable.

Transporting the audience to another world of heavily made-up models whose faces were reminiscent of the Japanese Geisha – again going back to the Harajuku overtone of the whole collection – Romance Was Born gave great insight into the creative process behind colour kittens and print geniuses whose name goes hand-in-hand with innovation.

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