Zsadar menswear SS13-14

There’s no denying that when it comes to fashion, Perth knows what’s up. Over the past few years, it has developed and been developing into its own little western-side hub of fashion and excitement for both the local talent pool and greater Australian one, putting to the fore the likes of some great designers both contemporary and […]

Zsadar’s environmental instincts

At the heart of Zsadar lies quality menswear with feel, aesthetic and unique style. In the day and age of a world where all things environmentally sound are sought after, sustainability is considered god and renewability speaks louder than words, it’s no wonder such industries as fashion and style have taken a green hue of late […]

Edited; naturally. Fjorde Magazine’s natural beauty

A little of exciting news I simply had to share. You mightn’t know, but as of July 2012, I officially joined the editorial team of local a Melbourne online publication called Fjorde Magazine. It focused on emerging designers, creatives, musicians, artists and anything else that tickles its fancy and fits within its remit, while offering […]

Menswear fashiongasm: Zsadar is my new favourite

Over in the far West, there exists a label. The label is the love child of a young and impressive PR professional who works in the political realm and dabbles in fashion design. Why? He hated what menswear had to offer, found nothing that suited his taste or style and wanted to buck the trend […]