How your coffee can help heal the world


It is estimated that Australians alone use over ONE BILLION disposable coffee cups per year. Did you know they can’t be recycled through the normal methods? This means they all end up in the ocean, killing marine life, adding to the pollution problem and taking-up space in landfill, poisoning the Earth. According to the ABC (2016), […]

Love the loved at Take2

The ornate, yellowing cornices of spaciously generous Northcote Town Hall stared down at the bustling men and women below as they lovingly fondled pre-loved vintage pieces brought together from the furthest reaches of Melbourne’s households by the stallholders at Take2 Markets. One sleepy Sunday, the queenlike quartet of Irish Rivera, Ilker Kale, Chris Rivera and I made the trek from our […]

How to recycle, upcycle and design your way to $500

Recently I launched a small competition to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a $500 Elwood Jeans voucher to use at their whim at any Elwood store. Yay! I received a batch of emails from some of you mighty fine men and women with what you’ve managed to make your own by way […]

COMPETITION (closed): win a $500 voucher!

You’d remember that recently, I won a competition that saw my redesigning and customising of an anorak jacket that was given to me by Elwood Jeans to celebrate the opening of Elwood offerings in Myer stores around the country. If not, then get with it people and catch-up here, here and here! Now, because you were […]

Budding designer: The end result

I visited Melbourne Central today and nearly fainted. Not because I’m a waif and by sticking to my new ‘no food’ diet I am significantly weakened, no, I saw that placed strategically with prime position in Melbourne Central’s newest shopping precinct dubbed The Corner stood on a mannequin, my redesigned, customised, Upcycled Elwood Jeans anorak […]

Sky’s the limit when you Upcycle

Think recycling, but not. Upcycling is the newest thing to hit fashion and involves turning a variety of media into a couture piece of which there’s only one, for the artistic and environmentally conscious enjoyment of fashion lovers Australia-wide. The old adage the sky’s the limit can be taken almost literally with what we experienced last night thanks to […]