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The Galeries X Sydney Design Festival: Billy Blue College of Design makes an appearance


Overtaking 124 Shoes in Sydney’s central shopping mall, The Galeries, three students from the Billy Blue College of Design will make their debut to the public in a way you wouldn’t normally expect. Why 124 Shoes? They’re renowned for their pricey, but quality footwear that are centred around unique design elements and artisanal handcrafted perfection; not something you see much of these days. You’ll be able to see the students’ work from 1-10 March: On show will be looks from JANE & EMERY, designed by Jakarta-born Jeannie Octaviani who’s known for her experimental approach to textile technology throughout her designs for young women. Bethany Horan’s brand Beth Mcglynn will also be on display, with a strong focus on her sustainable design solutions. Inspired by the power of the female, her pieces feature oversized silhouettes, empowering the wearer and purposely emphasizing the distortion of the female figure. Jaak Holman will also have his ready-to-wear label JAAX on display. His latest collection ORBIT features unisex pieces inspired by the colours and textures of Jupiter. Throughout the collection, Jaak has incorporated laminated denim fabrics, reflective surfaces and transparent materials. See more at The Galeries.