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The only magnesium supplements you need: Roll on, spray and salts by Amazing Oils

Amazing oils magnesium

If you do HIIT training, get headaches, have a sore anything or just need a little boost to your health, then there might be something you need. Magnesium is the cure for life that everyone is harnessing these days – other than folks who’ve been manufacturing it in pill form for years – and now, Amazing Oils has joined the bandwagon. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and is required for 1,200 of 1,600 bodily functions. Responsible for biochemical reactions, magnesium ions act as enzyme co-factors in reducing, controlling and moderating cellular oxidative damage. What? Scientific garb aside, it basically means that muscle injuries and pain, cramping, insomnia, headaches, joint pain, bone density, PMT, skin irritation, stress and energy production all cop a boost or a turnaround and require no effort! Blessings. It’ a good thing Amazing Oils is doing this kind of thing, too. Due to poor oral supplementation and change in modern dietary habits, less than 60 percent of adult men and women meet the adequate intake values for magnesium according to the World Health Organisation. And the best part about what they make is that it just plain doesn’t suck. There’s something about their range of magnesium products that doesn’t burn when you apply it – have you ever tried putting magnesium oil on with a cut on your hand? OUCH! This doesn’t do that. It also doesn’t smell. Or sit on your skin for too long before absorption. It’s basically everything you’d want from a high-functioning topical… Read More