The art of made-to-measure according to P Johnson Tailors and Suit Shop

Patrick Johnson P Johnson tailors Strand Arcade fitting room

The Strand Arcade in Sydney is synonymous with fashion and design talent and still, playing home to many of the city’s finest retailers and apparel artisans. It’s a collective of people that trade there to whom the principles of design, retail and manufacturing are held dearly close to their hearts. They stop at nothing when […]

Funky Funkis

With a name stemming from the Swedish word for functionalism, Funkis is a nordic-centric home- and personal-wares store that celebrates all that’s good in simple and practical Scandinavian design. Funkis has a strong enough presence in Sydney, where the business was first started. Since expanding into two locations there at The Strand, Sydney, and Paddington, the […]

The Suit Shop

The traditional fitting room has been given a bit of a makeover in one of the Strand Arcade’s new shopfronts to take-up residence in the Victorian-era arcade right in Sydney’s heart, the Suit Shop. The Suit Shop is a new idea that takes the meaning of fine gentleman’s tailoring to a whole other level offering artesian work for […]