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Why Sydney’s Spice Alley in Chippendale makes a date night

Spice Alley lanterns

Know what makes a good date night? Cold weather, coats, cosy bars and quality food and drinks, which is exactly what you get one a date night at Spice Alley, just off Kensington Street in Chippendale Sydney. It’s the city’s go-to for quality, affordable, cheap Asian eats tucked nicely behind a range of quality bars and other restaurants offering a a range of other menus like these. With the vibe befitting of a paved urban alleyway beneath a canopy of yellow lanterns, Spice Alley is a bustling lane that takes hawker-style dining and makes it inner-urban, right from the side streets of the largest Asian cities within the confines of Sydney. Some of its most top-notch eateries include Bang Luck Thai eatery, Alex Lee Kitchen Singaporean Eatery, Spice House function space, Hong Kong Diner Cantonese Eatery, Kyo-to Japanese eatery and restaurant, Hokie Poké and Old Jim Kee Malaysian eatery, really staging the best of what the region’s cuisine has to offer. Ideal for drinks, right from dinner, the offering of Spice Alley makes date nights a breeze, the need for thinking obsolete and the end result… well, up to you, but it’ll be good, regardless of the result. Check out more about Spice Alley here.