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Saturday Night Fever in Sydney: The season’s must-see disco fest

Saturday Night Fever

Take a step back in time to when extravagant sequined clothing was pretty standard on a Saturday night, the disco club scene was hot and dancing was high energy, sophisticated and positively sexual. Add some of the funkiest Bee Gees disco tracks to this scenario and what do you have? One the most entertaining stage shows to hit Sydney – Saturday Night Fever. Just to take it up a notch, let’s throw in an appearance from Australia’s original disco diva Marcia Hines. Saturday Night Fever has been running at the Lyric Theatre since April 2019 and has been wowing crowds with its sensational choreography since, but sadly the production is coming to an end, wrapping up on 2 June 2019. Based on the original 1977 movie starring John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever the stage show features all your favourite Bee Gee hits including Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, You Should Be Dancing, More Than A Woman, How Deep Is Your Love, Tragedy, Jive Talkin’ and more. Plus, you’ll also get to seat dance to other great disco hits such as Boogie Shoes and If I Can’t Have You. The original movie and its enormous success back in the 70’s was credited with extending the life of disco, as the trend was initially on its way out. Fast forward to 2019 and here we are, revisiting those memories and celebrating one of the most popular music movements of the last 60 years. The incredibly talented cast of the Australian production of Saturday… Read More