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Death, music and an ugly clown: Rigoletto by Opera Australia is a must-see

If there’s one thing you learn fast about any opera, is that a lot of them are sad and most of the time, people – if not everyone – die. So it’s no surprise that the tale of Rigoletto, brought to life this winter season in Sydney by Opera Australia – on until 24 August – tells the tale as old as time, but this time, with all the spit ‘n’ polish, the likes only the Australian opera company can produce. Though, stunning oscillating set and world-class costumery aside, it doesn’t detract from the fact that the loss for Rigoletto in the climax is the saddest of many deaths in reproduced operas of late; because it’s all his fault. With director, Elijah Moshinsky behind the wheel of this season’s production, the production by Opera Australia is every bit as unique as the hit aria of the libretto, La Donna e Mobile, which you’d’ve heard before… Dalibor Jenis takes-on the role of the hideous, clowny, much disliked Rigoletto, turning his renowned performances as the likes of Figaro into an award-winning on-stage display. As he encapsulates the role of the overprotective father who pisses a few people off as he goes through life, little does he realise the fate that awaits him – disproportionately driven by his own hand, by today’s standards – with the death of his daughter. The whole thing is really idyllically represented through the music of Verdi, who even at the time, knew he had a hit on his hands. First fury, then despair, then… Read More

What to know about the opening night of Rigoletto by Opera Australia this July

Opera Rigoletto

Verdi’s Rigoletto hasn’t been performed in Australia for a couple of years now, but since then, you’d be hard done by to find anyone who’s not been counting down until they’re able to hear some of the world’s most famous arias belted out in front of a packed Joan Sutherland Theatre at the Sydney Opera House. Opera Australia is returning the production with no holds barred this July, directed by Elijah Moshinsky with Renato Palumbo behind the baton, the production is set to be one of the many gems in this winter season’s crown. MORE: You should also see Lucia di Lamermoor this season Showcasing the wonderful Dalibor Jenis as the protagonist Rigoletto, alongside Gianluca Terranova as the Duke of Mantua and Irina Lungu as Gilda, the production’s vocal prowess is glaringly obvious, which when coupled with the fabulous set-work of the ever-wowing department led by designer Michael Yeargan, will put the hapless tale of secrets and seduction right into the memory banks. Complete with the renowned La donna e mobile, it’s a production for the ages. What is Rigoletto about? The Duke of Mantua lives only for pleasure of the female kind. No man’s wife or daughter is out of his reach, and while the Duke seduces their women, Rigoletto mocks their misfortune. The men of the court want vengeance, and when they hear Rigoletto has a beautiful woman hidden away, they plot to abduct her. The woman is Rigoletto’s daughter, who despite his best efforts to keep her hidden, has already caught the eye of the lustful Duke. He… Read More