A Better Way for Men to Shop – The Gentlemen’s Supply Co.

There are so many options out there, online speaking, for men when it comes to ‘the perfect solution to make shopping online easier’. All of these have been proven relatively effective and all served a purpose in their own right. Until now. Enter The Gentlemen’s Supply Co., honestly one of the best ideas I’ve come across to date […]

Styled by Stylemology

Remember when ASOS first came to Australia, we were all a bit cautious, all a little bit hesitant and some a little bit ‘wtf’ about what they were selling? New online retailer Stylemology is kind of like that, only they’re homegrown. And I mean that in a good way. They’re something new. They sell what […]

I Rock iRock Accessories

It’s not often you find a jewellery and accessories designer who offers not only quality products for affordable prices, but gives the shopper the chance to turn their piece into whatever it is they fancy. This is exactly what iRock accessories, based in Melbourne are doing. The brain child of husband and wife duo Tim […]

Siete Clothing online menswear

It’s not every day you come across someone who has built up a successful online retail business with no know-how and all passion and determination. Jackson Millan, a financial planner by day, has done just that. With a love for clothing and a desire to prove to people that shopping online from online retailers is […]

ASOS menswear showings

By Henry Ng ASOS has become the go-to fashion portal for many of us and with the increasing awareness generated around menswear, it comes as no surprise that the brand recently brought its mens SS14 collection down for an introduction. Presented by Head of Menswear Design, John Mooney, the inspirations for the mainlines are an […]

What is LoVu?

What’s so wonderful about Australian fashion and the industry that makes it go round is that – while small – our country and the creative minds behind it certainly know how to pump out some quality work, akin to that of Europe, the US and beyond. Some might even say better. There’s one such online […]

The Pasar Design Collective

When you think of Bali in Denpasar, Indonesia, you hardly think of fashion, creativity, artistic expression or anything really, other than crazy traffic, cheap goods for purchase and the debauchery of namely Australian and Dutch travellers. But, scratch the surface and you find something different. There is in Bali a collective of artistic folks: designers, […]

Run, run baby – the online world awaits

An increasing number of shoppers are turning to the online world to get their shopping rocks off and in search of the apparent value the physical retailers aren’t offering. Fair call. The burgeoning onto the scene of online shopping gems like Etsy, Asos and Styletread, as well as the oldie-but-goodies eBay and Amazon, as well […]