Celebrating A-Esque For Men

What do you do after selling off one of the most successful women’s accessories businesses the country has ever seen? Make another one to the same end, of course. The founder of Mimco, Amanda Briskin-Rettig is one savvy woman whose business sense, eye for design and enthusiasm for her trade led her business to be […]

Mimco Presents Paradise Battalion – Season 1

In a unique display of vocalisation and models whose end-of-runway poses consisted of Victoria’s Secret-inspired winks and playing with iPads, the Mimco Paradise Battalion collection was presented at this year’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival with a good reception. I have several problems with overcoming the issues of quality and durability when it comes to all […]

Mimco’s Social Kaleidoscope

All the colours of the rainbow, more patterns and shapes than Mother Nature can make and all the wonderment of the most basic of technologies; kaleidoscopes were the most fun and imagination-inspiring time wasters our childhood could have possessed. And weren’t they awesome? Now with a designer’s slant, a retail flavour and a purely online […]