James Batchelor stretches time and space in his new dance work REDSHIFT

James Batchelor RedShift Chunky Move Melbourne

From 23 November to 2 December, dancer James Batchelor will be putting his reception of Chunky Move’s prestigious Next Move 2017 commission in his presentation of the world premiere of REDSHIFT.  Noted as one of Australia’s most formidable young dance makers, Batchelor is pulling out all stops this season to answer such interpretive porognostications without clarity as […]

You Know Lady Gaga, Now Meet Mr. Gaga

They say that art ‘works’ when you can feel it have an effect on you, either physically or emotionally. Director Tomer Heymann was present at the premier of his warm and moving film ‘Mr Gaga‘ and gave the audience a unique insight into how choreographer Ohad Naharin – whom the documentary is centred around – did […]