MSFW: Jason Grech

Jason Grech is a Melbourne based couture designer who’s crafted a name for himself in luxurious dresses, gowns and fabric-focused design for women. His debut at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week this year is a welcome addition and brings the best of what some elements of Melburnian design have to offer. For over a decade, his […]

Welcoming Thomas Sabo to Emporium Melbourne

Melbourne Emporium recently welcomed the eighth flagship Thomas Sabo store to their ever expanding repertoire. The rapidly growing brand celebrated 30 years in the jewelry business by launching their new space alongside the brands most recent Karma Collection. Thomas Sabo covers a large demographic with its unisex collections, Glam & Soul and Rebel at Heart. […]

Meagan Harding: personal style consultant

As the old adage says about style: you’ve either got it, or you don’t. Based on this thought alone, there are seemingly thousands of try-hards that run around every major city on the planet, calling themselves ‘stylists’.  But, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to their aptitude for the role, which time and […]

Men’s Style Photoshoot: Et Al menswear

Et Al is a Melbourne based fashion retailer. Housing different variations of basically the same thing, Comma, Showroom and a.Concept by member of the design team, Anthony Capon (who you can read about here), Et Al caters to a very particular aesthetic. This however doesn’t detract from the fact that everything they make is awesome. With an […]

LMFF Runway 5 with Harper’s Bazaar

A healthy mix of the understated and the extravagant compiled the Harper’s Bazaar runway at this year’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Some of Australia’s most well known and respected – and Myer’s top concession retailers – paraded their collections in a display of monochromatic and exuberant finesse, catching the eye of fashion admirers with ease. […]

I like my Jean N Tonik with ice

A focus on introducing colour, opening-up the wardrobes of Melburnian men and introducing a funky range of clothing with a new edge that is slightly different to what typical Melburnians wear, Jean N Tonik is the new thing in mens’ retailing that is making waves online. Founded by Gabriel Hazim in early 2012, the online retailer […]

Løng Løst in a world of menswear

Casual jewelled colours, earthen tones, relaxed fits and a misfit undertone comprise the Løng Løst menswear collection. The brand prides itself on its juxtaposition of surf meets street wear, tailored to the every man with a casual eye and stylish flair. What is it? A welcoming-in of the Spring season for the relaxed, non chalant man in […]