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The spice tailor butter chicken: an Indian classic

The spice tailor butter chicken

The Spice Tailor of London is a magician with spices and delicious dishes. The king of Indian (restaurant) curries, butter chicken is a velvety, tomato-based curry with little nuggets of lightly charred tandoori chicken hiding in its creamy depths. I have so many memories of eating this dish that i think we must have ordered it every time we went to an Indian restaurant! My two Delhi favourites were served at Moti Mahal and The Embassy and, later, the restaurant at The Park Royal where I spent some time learning in the kitchen. The recipe does have a few steps, and you can cheat by buying ready-made tandoori chicken or pastes, but it won’t be as good or as satisfying. This sauce has a lot of tomatoes, so the end product will depend on how sweet or sour the tomatoes are. You will need to taste and adjust the final dish as necessary, adding more or less sugar depending on how tart or sweet the sauce is. Serve with Naan or Paratha for a delicious and satisfying meal.  Ingredients For the tandoori-style chicken pieces: For the chicken: 6 skinned, bone-in chicken joints, cooked as for Tandoori-style Chicken, but cook for 18 minutes(for original Tandoori-style Chicken when not cooking for butter chicken, cook for 20 – 22 minutes, until cooked through.) A slice of unsalted butter, melted  A little paprika or Kashmiri chilli powder For the marinade: 2½ tbsp lemon juice 1 rounded tsp salt  120g full-fat plain yoghurt  4 large garlic cloves   1 Indian green… Read More