Sky’s the limit when you Upcycle

Think recycling, but not. Upcycling is the newest thing to hit fashion and involves turning a variety of media into a couture piece of which there’s only one, for the artistic and environmentally conscious enjoyment of fashion lovers Australia-wide. The old adage the sky’s the limit can be taken almost literally with what we experienced last night thanks to […]

Get flocked! Hasti Bala opens its doors

Purple, green, black, red; all the colours! It’s all there! Smothering the walls, the floor, the furniture, Hasti Bala certainly knows how to make a statement when it comes to winning the hearts of Melbourne’s creative, fashion and style crowds. With the all-seeing elephant head that is precariously pinned up against the far wall, guests […]

The new Fashion in Torquing

Never have I walked into a more vibrant, vividly coloured, 60s colour scheme-meets Alice in Wonderland public drinking venue in my life; but I loved it. Why would I do such a thing? No, not to get high, but to pay a visit to the new and terribly exciting Hasti Bala on Level three of the Carlton […]