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How to hot desk in a way you won’t hate

Desk MacBook

There are two schools of thought related to hot-desking at big, corporate offices. One is that you love it, the other is that you hate it. Unfortunately for most, the latter tends to be the more popular option and it’s kinda easy to see why. Grubby keyboards, desks that haven’t been wiped in proverbial ages, less-than-average views and a communal sense of overt community working that for those who aren’t so intra-office civically minded, might more-than-suck. BUT, there is a silver lining and that involves a whole load of the top-notch tech that Logitech is pumping out at the moment that make the realities of hot-desking in big cities a bit more bearably stylish. Here are some favourite portable working pieces to help reignite your love of finding a new home at work every day. Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote Simple, reliable and hassle-free remote for better presentations everywhere. Get it from Logitech for $69.95. Logitech M238 Fan Collection Wireless Mice The World Cup might be over, but that doesn’t mean your love for it is. Keep the cheer going all year long with one of these babies for only $24.95. Logitech CRAFT Advanced Keyboard CRAFT is the flagship keyboard with a Creative Input Dial, including support for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, the popular Adobe photo editing application as well as Adobe Reader DC on Windows and Preview and Quicktime on Mac. Bose QC35 headphones Get them for $499.95 from Bose retailers. Upright GO posture trainer Upright GO is a small, unobtrusive device that subtly reminds you to sit… Read More