Photoshoot: Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani’s autumn-winter Urban Tech collection gave the affects of just that in an array of male and female oriented pieces whose allure and aesthetic screamed urban militarism with a cutting edge style and colour palette. With a highly contemporary allure while still classically Emporio Armani, the innovative silhouettes and materials convey a sense of energy […]

Model Files: Reece Carter, Giant Management

Male modelling is a career for the formidable of character, typically hot and with-positive attitude men whose opinions of themselves and their industry is professional, poised and presentable at all (most) times. I had a chat with Reece Carter from Giant Model Management, who let me into his thoughts on how it all goes down… Why modelling? […]

Trying to be clean at Laundry Bar

The irony is inescapable. We were at Laundry Bar, in Fitzroy and we were surrounded by beautiful men and women: the legions of models on Giant Model Management’s books. Clean, laundered thoughts? Hardly. On Saturday 17 December at around 8pm, people filed into the small and modestly decorated bar in Melbourne’s northern suburb for a party filled […]