Photoshoot: Paul Smith

Paul Smith is synonymous with wicked style, expensive taste and eccentric flare for the particular man who’s not afraid to be that point of difference, sense of inimitable style and unsurpressed confidence. It’s my kind of style. Paul Smith has recently been introduced to a new-to-Melbourne, Perth-based retail store called Father, available on Chapel Street. […]

Crumpler x P.A.M collaboration

Teetering dangerously on the edge of being like watching some hideous 80s TV show and making me want to vomit, the campaign video for the new Crumpler and P.A.M collaboration is quite,the watch, reflective of quite the new collection. P.A.M. is a Melbourne based creative design organisation and Crumpler is known for their bags. Together […]

How to wear a pair of jeans for a whole year

What’s it like to wear the same piece of clothing for a year? Gross. Well, that’s at least what I thought until I had a chat with Matt from the new Superglue store at Highpoint Shopping Centre who’s been wearing the same pair of jeans for over 203 days so far and counting. He’s taken […]

Fashionopolites gather at Nuffnang’s Fashionopolis The who’s who of fashion blogging in Australia – and those who could be bothered footing the bill or making the interstate trek – gathered today at Melbourne’s cosy, typically ‘Melbourne’ side street cafe-come-function room the Thousand £ Bend. And what a day they had. MCd by David Krupp, country manager of the prestigious blogger […]