Model Files: Colin Huston

Why modelling? It’s fun! Every day is never the same. What is the best thing about being a male model? The people you get to meet and work with and the challenge to work out the best way to model whatever it is you’re being paid to. What demands does modelling place on you physically […]

Photoshoot: Paul Smith

Paul Smith is synonymous with wicked style, expensive taste and eccentric flare for the particular man who’s not afraid to be that point of difference, sense of inimitable style and unsurpressed confidence. It’s my kind of style. Paul Smith has recently been introduced to a new-to-Melbourne, Perth-based retail store called Father, available on Chapel Street. […]

Crumpler x P.A.M collaboration

Teetering dangerously on the edge of being like watching some hideous 80s TV show and making me want to vomit, the campaign video for the new Crumpler and P.A.M collaboration is quite,the watch, reflective of quite the new collection. P.A.M. is a Melbourne based creative design organisation and Crumpler is known for their bags. Together […]

Styled by Stylemology

Remember when ASOS first came to Australia, we were all a bit cautious, all a little bit hesitant and some a little bit ‘wtf’ about what they were selling? New online retailer Stylemology is kind of like that, only they’re homegrown. And I mean that in a good way. They’re something new. They sell what […]

Dressing for the colder months

Melbourne has lots that make it different to the rest of the country when it comes to style, design and aesthetic swag. One man who knows it inside and out is style icon and music aficionado DJ Andy Murphy, one of the go-tos in men’s style. I had a chance to pick his brains on […]

Burberry Prorsum SS14

A pastel palette with a masculine edge, chunky silhouettes and clean, crisp looks made the Burberry Prorsum collection. With colour blocked coats and jackets as hero pieces, the effortlessly casual styling makes looking masculine without fear of adventure only too easy. See more at the Burberry website.  

Hopenlife menswear

A life without hope is to cease to live. A French menswear company, Hopenlife offers something cool, something classic and something masculine for the men of France and the surrounds. Designed deliberately into three distinct categories of menswear, Hopenlife creates a range that is both classically designed, quality fabricated and appealing to a wide variety […]

The LG Tab Book and Ultrabook

Tablet computers just keep getting cooler and cooler. Recently LG unveiled its latest additions to its busting arsenal of electronic goods: two new Hybrid PC products; the Z160 and H160 Tab-Book, and the Z360 Ultrabook. According to LG, computer users are always on the hunt for innovative ways to view and consume while on the go. To address this, […]

Break The Mould

I love it when companies and business take the piss out of themselves. It breaks down all facades and welcomes new people into the fold. This is exactly what Australia’s most controversial shoe brand, Crocs did recently with their latest campaign Break The Mould.  The campaign is about introducing a new range of Crocs shoes while breaking the […]

A/W Men’s Style: Godwin Charli

If there’s one thing we can all use, it’s more men’s retailers. Godwin Charli is one, whose reputation for quality fabrics, styles, fits and overall looks a man who knows what’s up cannot go past. The baby of Melbourne designer and businessman Godwin Hili, Godwin Charli is a welcome star in men’s retail and style […]

Fashion First series with Pip Edwards – Episode 2

Sydney never fails to disappoint. Pip Edwards with Visa Fashion First took to the streets of trendy Sydney suburb, Darlinghurst and asked the rabble they found who was wearing what and why. As the weather gets colder and the need to rug up more kicks in, seasonal trends are thick on the ground as most […]

Winter Warmer: Home made pies

Pie Face is that colossal pie chain that has sprouted more arms than a pod of octopi and operates essentially 24 hours of each and every day. With operations now having gone international, it’s no wonder they’re one of the most well recognised pie and fast food franchises of the time. I thought it might […]