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Brexit be damned, Eurail lets you train it to England for cheaper

Eurail France

Eurail turns 60 in 2019 and to celebrate, they’re changing how you do Europe when you next travel. By sucking up the UK, Macedonia and Lithuania into their connected rails, Eurail has cast its net far and wide for everyone who’s wanting to go from the east to the west of Europe and beyond from now on. Oh, and it’s cheaper now, too. The updates to the Eurail portfolio mean there are now three different passes that include the Greek Islands Pass which lets travellers explore up to 53 different Greek Islands. In a nutshell, the changes mean tickets are significantly reduced for Global Pass fares, new countries are accessible with a Global Pass, and if you’re old, get excited because there are extend discounts to senior travellers. For the last 60 years, EurailPasses have enabled convenient, borderless rail travel across Europe. With over 1.7million Australians travelling to Europe each year, and of those 40,000 experiencing the diversity of Europe via one of the flexible rail passes, Eurail remains as popular today as it was in 1959. Eurail train passes can be bought from eurail.com.