DJs food events

By Holly Thomas.  Tucked away in the basement dwellings of department store David Jones lays David Jones’ spectacular food hall. With wall to wall fresh delis selling everything from chocolate coated strawberries to succulent pieces of meat and an amazing pantry section full of jarred goods, it seemed only fitting to host various talk and […]

The man who makes the shoes that make the man

The man that makes the shoes that make the man: that’s who Julius Marlow is. Stocked in department stores the country-over, the range of men’s shoes that give off an air of affordable style and effortlessly easy coordination are hardly something to pass-by when next you’re shopping for a new shoe. I’ve recently come across […]

Highpoint’s launch hits the skies

In a flurry of great pomp and ceremony, The GPT Group’s Highpoint Shopping Centre officially flung open the doors to its newly created fashion precinct in the heart of the shopping centre. Bringing to the western suburbs what it’s been lacking for so long, the shopping centre plays home to some of the most popular […]

Pinterest becomes tangible with Highpoint’s style board

Pinterest has got to be one of the biggest wastes of time created for the online social media realm to date. Admittedly, I can see its relevance: post photos up that interest you, inspire you or to refer back to for later use. I recently used it at my latest visit to the hairdresser, where I […]

Calibre’s morning routine

My morning routine consists of waking-up generally when I feel like it, a spot of exercise, food if I hunger and getting into gear for the remainder of my day. Calibre’s is somewhat different, a lot more hasty, a lot more well dressed and a lot more attractive. The label’s new AW collection is stunning […]