Chadstone’s AW Runway

By Eleanor Castellani.  It’s that time of year again to put our best Louboutin forward as we gear up for fashion week, and where better to roll the dice than at the melting pot of it all – Chadstone, the fashion capital. Milan comes to Melbourne, as a 30 meter runway stationed in the Designer […]

LIFEwithBIRD hits the Fashion Capital

LIFEwithBIRD is a women’s fashion label that has rapidly made its presence in Melbourne known, but also, made itself a massive hit with regular gals and the social scenes alike. Having relatively recently made their debut in Melbourne’s Fashion Capital (Chadstone), the brand is reaching higher and higher up the chain of retail royalty, bringing their […]

Skin and Threads

One of the newest stores to throw open its doors in Melbourne’s Chadstone shopping centre, Skin and Threads puts quality and fibres atop all else in an effort to reshape the way women think about basic, last forever additions to their wardrobe. Opening in mid-April 2013, the new boutique is an architectural and sensational wonder, with […]

Truffaux Panama hat salon

Who doesn’t love a good hat? Whether you’re a ‘hat person’ or not, one can’t deny the certain personality shift that takes place with a head enshrouded in something lovingly made by a leading milliner. I was shopping recently with a good friend in Chadstone Shopping Centre shortly before New Years’ Eve of 2011 and […]

Armani Exchange flagship sets sail

I was fortunate enough to go along to the official opening of the Armani Exchange new flagship store located in Chadstone ‘the fashion capital’ in Melbourne’s Southeast on Saturday 22 October. Usually, the shopping complex sucks the life out of me and I find myself lost amongst the designer outlets and walkways-off-walkways, eventually struggling to […]