Relaxed style, effortless colourations and constance-deyfing prints, the Handsom collection is very much just that; handsome. In a new term that I am dubbing ‘preppy alternative’, the look is just that with buttoned-up button-downs and solid colours with an undeniably clean-cut look teamed with a lick of the trend bucker, the Handsom collection is very […]

TETTMANN.DOUST and their Parrallel Tensions

Two Melbourne girls, Naomi Tettmann and Elke Doust, founded TETTMANN.DOUST. Their love for the unique, the natural, the obscure and the skillful playing to their chosen life of fashion and design for the betterment of their self-titled label. Having recently made an impression on the Australian fashion scene in 2012’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, the couple are […]