Men’s Style Photoshoot: Et Al menswear

Et Al is a Melbourne based fashion retailer. Housing different variations of basically the same thing, Comma, Showroom and a.Concept by member of the design team, Anthony Capon (who you can read about here), Et Al caters to a very particular aesthetic. This however doesn’t detract from the fact that everything they make is awesome. With an […]

Thomas Hulston’s runway

A while ago I wrote a little bit on Whitehouse Institute graduate Thomas Hulston‘s debut collection. He’s a great addition to the Australian fashion scene thanks to his unique and specified design process, which includes having the garments made in France! A far cry from most’s opting for their own backyard Australia – which I […]

MBFWA Day Two – Jayson Brunsdon

Australia’s favourite Jayson Brunsdon is never an unfamiliar face in the fashion world. It doesn’t come as a surprise given he’s been around for over 25 years and worked in a wide smack of jobs from illustration right through to design. It’s his wide and varied experience and areas of expertise that make the man […]

MBFWA Day One – Aurelio Costarella

Perth’s saving grace of national fashion, Aurelio Costarella’s exhibition at MBFWA was slightly different to the ways he’d previous displayed his work. Stationary models posed for cameras atop pristine boxes, bringing attention to their shape and the shape of Costarella’s work. Namely safe colours and minimal embellishment made-up most of the designer’s work, with a […]

Living in the State of Halcyon

Staying true to my passion for local and independent designers in our fair country of Australia (and neighbouring New Zealand), I’ve recently noticed a new online retailer based in Melbourne known as Halcyon State that readily brings emerging designers to the wardrobes of many. It’s a small operation that works from a modest shop front […]