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Arlo Blak charcoal detoxifies and purifies easily

Arlo Blak feature

Remember when charcoal beauty products came in about a year-or-so ago? People went mad for it. All-of-a-sudden it was ‘blak’ this and ‘blak’ that, turning even the most simple of products into a jet black smear that left a dusty haze in its wake. But despite the country’s penchant for all things black and charcoal seeming like a fad, it hasn’t died; but in fact, thrived. Arlo Blak is one such charcoal-loving retailer that has the whole range of goodies on-hand to help you purify and detoxify your body with ease, all without staining the bathroom or ruining your towels. Promoting beautiful and brilliant skin from the inside out, Arlo Blak’s range is ideal for clearing the skin, whitening the teeth and all-the-while, made from activated coconut shell charcoal, it is a natural, flavourless and odourless alternative for the more heavy-duty chemicals out there in the market. How it works? By burning coconut shells and removing the oxygen, steam and gases are released to ‘activate’ Arlo Blak, creating an ultra-fine black powder with a highly porous surface. The black powder acts like a magnet, helping to draw out dirt and oil from your pores, discolouration from your teeth and toxins from your body. Have a squiz at the whole range here.