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Alcohol for breakfast: Archie Rose does a new ArchieMite batch

Archie Rose ArchieMite 2

It’s made from distilled Pepe Saya butter and Sonoma sourdough toast, so it’s basically breakfast; the new batch by Rosebery distillery, Archie Rose, is all kinds of Australian in a bottle. Apparently we’ve got a penchant for umami breakfast spreads – oh, hi Vegemite – so Archie Rose has taken cue and crafted its new – very limited – batch after what we’re into. And apparently, it’s good! “It’s lots of fun,” says Archie Rose master distiller, Dave Withers. “It sits in this weird but interesting place. Trying to describe how it tastes is like trying to describe the colour blue. If you like that savoury flavour of yeast-extract spreads, you’ll really enjoy it.” It uses a combination of individually distilled ingredients including a selection of blended yeast-extract spreads (“mites”) along with 25kg of freshly churned butter and 15kg of toasted sourdough from fellow Sydney producers Pepe Saya and Sonoma Baking Co. so you know it’s at least different. Released on May 8 (maaate), it’ll be a welcome, fun, umami drop to the Archie Rose range, serving up a mitey character at the front followed by a buttery, almost warm, crisp-edged flavour. See more and grab a bottle from the Archie Rose website.