Budding designer: The end result

I visited Melbourne Central today and nearly fainted. Not because I’m a waif and by sticking to my new ‘no food’ diet I am significantly weakened, no, I saw that placed strategically with prime position in Melbourne Central’s newest shopping precinct dubbed The Corner stood on a mannequin, my redesigned, customised, Upcycled Elwood Jeans anorak […]

Budding designer: Competition heats up with the Elwood anoraks

Recently, three other influential male bloggers around Australia and I were asked to undertake a project like nothing that, at least in my recollection, has been done before. The task was to remodel, redesign, customise and butcher a jacket given to us by streetwear label Elwood.  The Melbourne based youth fashion brand synonymous with music and street […]

Budding designer: The Elwood Anorak

I love Elwood. I love it because – for those of you who know me and know how much I love this city – it was founded in Melbourne, is run out of Melbourne and has wicked success in Melbourne. The brand also adds another notch on the Australian fashion scene’s belt of urban music […]