The Killers launched the American Express backers program and now, we have winners

Judges_Amex Music Backers_(L-R)_Tim Worton_Roger Field_Holly Rankin_Millie Millgate_Nick Yates_Kathy McCabe

Remember when The Killers pulled out all stops in Sydney to launch the American Express Music Backers’ Program at Selina’s in Coogee? Well now, American Express has announced the first round of recipients of the program, backing the goals, ambitions and passions of six musicians, businesses and fans, as part of its $1 million pledge to […]

American Express launches its $1 million Music Backers Program with The Killers at Selina’s Coogee

American Express Killers 4

American Express is big on music. And this year, they launched their $1 million Music Backers Program, throwing their weight behind Australia’s music industry, showing that in this digital age of music, real skill is never unappreciated. How? The Killers, of course, joining over 500 in an intimate space performance in one of Sydney’s most famed […]

Coast through life using AmexConnect

God knows I don’t trust myself with a credit card. I think the only time I’ll ever ‘invest’ in one is upon my next overseas jaunt and even then I’m pushing it. However, I was fortunate enough to come across very recently a very nice little sweetener that runs alongside any one person’s respective ownership […]