Rhys Nicholson and Melbourne Gin Company unveil exclusive collab


In an extraordinary melding of talent and taste, Australian comedian, actor, and “RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under” judge Rhys Nicholson is about to stir the gin industry with a splash of humour and a twist of creativity. Partnering with The Melbourne Gin Company (MGC), Nicholson is set to unveil their own signature gin line, The Rhys Nicholson Gin Company. This refined spirit, which marries a sense of comedy, artistry, and a flavour of Melbourne, will make its grand entrance at Comedy Republic on March 28, coinciding with the vibrant Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Renowned for a sharp wit and a vibrant presence both on stage and screen, Nicholson is taking a bold step into the world of spirits, infusing the industry with their unique charm. The Rhys Nicholson Gin, meticulously crafted by MGC’s owner and distiller, Andrew Marks, boasts a classic dry gin foundation accentuated with fresh citrus and abundant juniper. However, it’s the ingenious addition of fresh ginger and ruby grapefruit that mirrors Nicholson’s exuberant personality and refined taste preferences. “My body mass has been mostly premium gin for the better part of two decades, so it feels only right I attach my name to one. Having been a huge (and responsible) consumer of MGC for years, I am borderline hysterical to get to work with them on our little project. This is my dream Gin. Smooth, clean and refreshing, with a hint of citrus and ginger, and not that uncouth flavoured spirit vibe. Perfect for a martini. Or whatever, to be honest. I’m in love,” Rhys shared enthusiastically.

To commemorate the launch, Comedy Republic, co-founded by Rhys and their husband Kyran Nicholson alongside Alex Dyson, former Triple J presenter, will be the exclusive venue distributing the gin. Additionally, a special cocktail dubbed the Rhystini (Rhys Nicholson Martini) will be prepared at the bar, giving patrons a chance to savour a cocktail that encapsulates the gin’s unique blend of botanicals. Nicholson’s leap from the limelight of Australia’s comedy circuit to the complexities of gin distillation highlights a career and personal life marked by diversity and passion. Having gained prominence on platforms such as “RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under” and “The Weekly with Charlie Pickering”, and being a vocal advocate for marriage equality and non-binary representation in the entertainment industry, this foray into gin crafting opens a new chapter in Nicholson’s narrative of creativity and impact.

The Melbourne Gin Company, established by Andrew Marks in 2012, is reputed for its forward-thinking and artisanal approach to gin distillation, continuously producing gins that are celebrated worldwide. This partnership with Rhys Nicholson is a significant milestone for MGC, intertwining Melbourne’s cultural spirit with the essence of one of its most beloved comedians. Andrew Marks expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “It’s been a very rewarding and fun challenge producing a gin to match Rhys’ personality. We’ve had a long-standing relationship with Comedy in Melbourne, and the opportunity to partner with one of our favourite comedians has been a very exciting one.”

Join us at Comedy Republic to relish the Rhys Nicholson Gin, a spirit as uniquely captivating and jubilant as Rhys themselves – from March 28 to April 21.