New Aussie balls in London you need to try

Protein Balls PE Nation

They’ve got eight new balls, each one more delicious than the last and they’ll have you gagging with glee.

Regardless of whether you’re after beauty, a protein snack or more energy, Health Lab‘s range of new balls will do it. And deliciously.

They take the edge off hunger, are conveniently tiny making them perfect for daily everything and help to save you from yourself before you binge on other things.

All the balls are made from ingredients that promote happy skin and positive gut health, too. But, ‘What flavours?‘ you ask; why, these of course:

Thrive:                Choc Brownie Protein Balls

Game changer:    Salted Caramel Protein Balls

Power:                Peanut Butter Choc Hemp Energy Balls

Pick-me-up:         Espresso Hemp Energy Balls

Happy skin:         Choc Sea Salt Collagen Balls

Skin hero:           Choc Cherry Collagen Balls

Gutsy:                  Mixed Berry Gut Health Balls

Glow:                   Choc Matcha Gut Health Balls