LINDOR does cheesecake truffle

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Lindt, the renowned Swiss chocolatier, has long been celebrated for its exquisite creations that captivate chocolate enthusiasts worldwide. The story of Lindt’s iconic LINDOR truffles traces back to their humble origins, initially designed as Christmas decorations in Germany. This innovative foray into the world of chocolate marked a pivotal moment in Lindt’s history, laying the groundwork for the globally adored LINDOR truffles that have become a symbol of indulgence and luxury.

Lindt Australia proudly continues this legacy by enchanting the world with over 300 million LINDOR truffles annually, showcasing their unwavering commitment to delivering irresistibly smooth and decadent chocolates.

Introducing the LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle

The latest addition to the LINDOR family, the newly unveiled LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle, is a testament to Lindt’s dedication to innovation and excellence. This delectable creation combines a delicate white chocolate shell with the finest biscuit pieces, embracing a lusciously smooth cheesecake filling infused with a hint of refreshing lemon. The result is an indulgent experience that pays homage to the timeless appeal and popularity of cheesecake – a universally beloved dessert.

Thomas Schnetzler, Lindt Master Chocolatier, exudes enthusiasm as he shares, “The launch of the LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle is a truly exciting moment for us at Lindt. We are delighted to introduce this new creation, offering chocolate lovers pure indulgence. Envision a delicate white chocolate shell with biscuit pieces encasing a smooth melting white chocolate filling that perfectly harmonizes with the sweetness of cheesecake flavor and subtle hints of tanginess. In the realm of desserts, cheesecake reigns as a luxurious, heavenly, and irresistible delight.”


The anticipation for this delectable treat is met with great news for chocolate enthusiasts. The LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle will be available in independent retailers starting February, while eager fans can find it at Woolworths and Coles from March, and Big W from May. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate your moment of bliss with Lindt’s new LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle – a true testament to 75 years of chocolate excellence!

As Lindt continues to push the boundaries of chocolate craftsmanship, the introduction of the LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle stands as a reminder of their unwavering commitment to delight and enchant chocolate lovers around the world. Indulge in the blissful experience of the LINDOR Cheesecake Truffle – a symphony of flavors that embodies the essence of pure chocolate luxury.