Tile Mate Pro table

Win: Tile Mate and Tile Pro to keep you from losing your stuff

New Tile Mate and Pro Boast are all about longer life and replaceable batteries, making them Tile’s greatest bits yet.

The new versions feature longer range, louder volumes, and replaceable batteries as well as Tile Premium, a suite that includes free battery replacements, smart alerts, 30-day location history, and other special services.

Tile Mate Pro

Unlike the first round of Tiles, with the new ones you can expect batteries to come with a guaranteed one-year lifespan to go with the usability, reliability and durability they want the new Tile to be all for.

Tile Mate comes in at $39.95 and Tile Pro, $59.95. All products are available today at Tile.com.

How to win Tiles of your own

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