Pilot Fountain pens

Win a Pilot Pen MR3 Fountain Pen and Iroshizuku Ink set

Pilot Pens is celebrating its 100th anniversary and given the rise in technology, who would have thought the pen would still be so popular today?

Just like a smart watch or mobile phone case, a stylish pen can give a really polished look and many pens are collectible items.

Pilot Pen’s prestigious Namiki Maki-e Fountain Pen, for example, is an exclusive collector’s piece, retailing in excess of $10,000.

Each pen features exquisite artistic detail, crafted by skilled artists, collectively known as the Kokkokai. But, why? Urushi lacquer is applied to the pen barrel and gold and silver powder together with other precious metals is used in the intricate design.

The nib is crafted from 18kt gold and is inscribed with the outline of Mount Fuji. Why? Why not.

The beauty of Pilot Pens is that there are seven different collections, each conveying a unique story, so if a $10k pen isn’t for you, one of the more affordable or accessible versions like the ones we’re giving away below might be in order.

Pilot Fountain pen

Win your own Pilot Pen MR3 Fountain Pen and Iroshizuku Ink set

Pilot Pen’s Iroshizuku Ink is renowned throughout the world for its beautiful pigmentation. There are 24 exquisite colours to choose from, each named after the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual hue.

Why now?

This 21 September is World Gratitude Day and to celebrate Pilot Pen’s 100th Anniversary, they are putting up a huge gratitude wall in Sydney’s Martin Place.  There will be free personalised gratitude cards hand written by a professional calligrapher to take home or give to a loved one, hand writing tips, art and more.  7.00am – 2.00pm.

Pilot Pen ink well

How to win…

Simple. Enter the details we need and write down in 25 words or less a short poem. Most creative wins!

Entries close 11:59PM AEST, Friday 21 September 2018.


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