Will.i.am has a new range of glasses at Specsavers you need

It’s been a while since we heard much of Will.i.am, but he’s been busy making eyewear ranges, releasing new jams and collaborating with affordable eyewear retailers, Specsavers in their latest celebrity collaboration.

He’s always been about the cool eyewear with a striking edge, so in an effort to bring his effortlessly cool style to the masses, Specsavers has taken him under their wing and stocked an exclusive range of frames that are as snappy as you’d expect.

Specsavers William 3

Will.i.am was first inspired by the hip hop icons of his youth like Run DMC and Flava Flav and so the new 17-piece collection references classic and iconic styles with an innovative and futuristic twist.

What makes not only the range Will.i.am has crafted for Specsavers, but all kinds of eyewear he makes, so wearable is the subtlety of the detail and the extra ‘oomph’ factor he works into any frame.

Specsavers William

“What makes my collection and designs unique are the subtleties and attention to detail
that gives them the extra ‘oomph’, while remaining entirely wearable. I want my line to inspire everyone to accessorise with glasses in a dope way,” he said.

Will.i.am’s exclusive eyewear collection for Specsavers starts from $199 for 2 pairs single vision lenses. See the full range of Will.i.am for Specsavers eyewear at the website.

Specsavers William 2

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