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Why Soul Cycle will change your take on exercise – and life in general

There aren’t many exercises out there in the world that could blur the lines dividing exercise, therapy and religion, except Soul Cycle.

Soul Cycle West Hollywood studio

It’s an American phenomenon that had already taken off in its own right. But then, a Kardashian found it and the whole world naturally had to follow suit.

Now fast-forward eleven years and the studios has popped-up all over the world (except for in Aus sadly), offering their unique take on health, fitness and what is the median participation fee, to change people’s lives not only on the outside, but inside, too.

Soul Cycle is about the holisitc self. Yes, you need to work out your body, sweat out a few kilojules and tighten things up, but most of the time, achieving your end goal – say, a Kardashian caboose – is often an undertaking for the whole presence.

Positive reinforcement fills every class, coupled often with filthy beats, overtly energised class instructors and a roaming DJ, therein lies the element that would otherwise stipulate the difference between exercise class and night club.

Either way, it’s infectious, making you want to peddle to the beat, making you want to leave the class as buzzing as the crazy people in the front row and it makes you want to join the revolution that is stationary biking.

They save your sense the effort of having to imagine you’re riding through a pristine bushland, cycling along a waterway in Vancouver or mountaineering on dual wheels up the side of the Swiss Jungfrau, instead forcing your senses inward. And it’s effective. You find you focus on nothing but pedalling, the beat and how you want to feel after the class is done.

The room is dark, the music is loud, the obligation to keep-up with everyone else is strong and your body will love you so much after those lights come on, you’ve stretched and you hobble back out to the communal locker room.

It’s fun, it’s infectious, it’s bloody good for you and if you ask the over 440,000 Americans who do it as part of life.

When you’re next in West Hollywood or looking for tips on what to do in Weho, try Soul Cycle on Sunset Boulevard. It won’t let you down.

SoulCycle studio

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