Want to know how well you sleep? A.H. Beard tech will get you there + WIN!

Given we spend, on average, a third of our lives asleep (don’t remind us), why wouldn’t you want to know how well, or not, you’re doing it?

A. H. Beard is leading the charge in the world of sleep with their comfy beds, and through their sleep technology they’re turning people’s lives around by giving them some unprecedented insight into their slumber.

The RESTON Sleep Tracker is doing all the work, reporting back nightly on a user’s sleep patterns, from heart and respiratory rates, sleep cycles and body movement, the RESTON tracker gives insight like nothing else.

With nothing to wear on your body – the tool straps to your mattress – and with insights at the tap of a finger on your smart phone via the connected app, it’s an invaluable tool to help you get a better night’s sleep; and eliminate what’s stopping you from getting there.

The RESTON Sleep Tracker will give you personalised sleep tips and gradually educate your body in how to give you a more restful night without even trying. See its full list of capabilities here.

The RESTON Sleep Tracker retails for AUD$229, but in good news, too, just to get you there, we’re giving TEN of them away!

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Win 1 of 10 AH Beard RESTON Sleep Trackers

Entires close 11:59PM AEDT, 20 July 2020. Terms and conditions here.

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